# Check how to install FoxDot here. Video content is explained below.

Hi everybody.

Let’s say your arrive in FoxDot and want to do some hardcore stuff! Dubstep for example? Okay, it really is just an example.

This video exploits a simple attribute that can transform any FoxDot SynthDef into a nice growl or screech. For navigating chapters (different sound experiments), open the video in youtube.

I’ve found this trick while experimenting inside Ryan Kirkbride’s tutorial about player attributes.

Warning : certain sounds may come out harsh AND loud, possibly resulting in ear damage. Operate with caution. I learned this the hard way using the blip SynthDef.

General code input to adopt :

at >> soprano(P[1,2,3,4], dur=2, vib=40, vibdepth=8)

The soprano is one of these SynthDefs outputting nice growls.