Hello there.

So here is my little time of fame, when I made a public stream for a time-honoured event. And what an event!

It was Toplap‘s 15th anniversary. Toplap is a collective growing from now 15 years of experience, its whole concept originates from a meeting of Live Coding enthusiasts in a Hamburger club, back in 2004.

The show was set internationally from Feb.14th to Feb. 17th, 2019, with a video stream on youtube. Each member of the community came along with jams from 30mn to multiple hours straight. Some of them were having their live party streamed. The replay is still available.

I invite you to discover this huge community and to start your own live coding journey!

Here is my contribution’s replay in context… Of course I chose to show some microtonal goodness. I explain a bit about the 20-EDO Blackwood decatonic scale here.