Note to self : It really is not a friendly process, to get started with Overtone on Windows 10.

Although, the FoxDot installation worked like a charm, I am going through heavy processing and googling for getting Overtone to work.

Here are the steps I’m following and experimenting, I need to keep track of them before I end being unable to track errors, delete files, and start a fresh install if needed.

  1. Following the steps, I discover some JDK8 is required. As I happen to have already a Java Eclipse Oxygen install running on JDK 1.8.0_102, I do not care to install another one.
  2. Installing Leininger in D:/Program Files/ instead of the proposed repository, since all of my softwares are on D:/
  3. I arrive to the step where I need to do a lein deps, no problem
  4. The lein repl and the hello world trial : no problem
  5. And this is where things go off… I get error CompilerException java.lang.Exception: Can't connect to native server - no compatible libraries for your system are available: 64-bit windows., compiling:(overtone/live.clj:6:1)
  6. Well… Time to exit my clojure runtime with an exit… I get to check out this error on google and get some github issue
  7. Added the code of one answer to my .clj file… Not sure it’s what I need, then launch another lein deps, which has no further effet (???)
  8. Took from another answer the commands (use 'overtone.core) (it works), then (connect-external-server), which gives another long error stating that the supercollider server is not available… At this point I am trying to figure out how to tell this thing where my SuperCollider server is… So I got another github issue thing to try to understand.
  9. And then I get another github answer, and it appears that, once SuperCollider has been found (in fact I needed no action for that), the problem is, the server can only receive one connection. So, before launching my s.boot() in my SuperCollider file, I first need to launch a s.options.maxLogins = 5 to get it to receive more connections. Then, the (connect-external-server) instructions get to work and return a “happy hacking!” text, how nice.
  10. YAY, IT WORKS ! Now with this trick I can return to the official Overtone installation procedure and run commands such as (doc-sin-osc)

What a mess my friends, this was tedious and I am grateful these problems already have been discussed among users. I really can’t wait to discover the potential of this nice little Overtone software, since the clojure language seems a bit exotic to me, and such groups as Repl Electric have crafted wonders with it…
Happy hacking guys!

Edit : Ow, I’ve found it is a better experience to use Vim or Emacs to play on the Overtone mashine. True that, in my VS Code Terminal (Powershell), I cannot open vim because there is no Vim, and I cannot write any multi-line code, nor have instant acccess to older instructions… I’d need to install some sort of Windows Vim then? But it also needs 3 extensions of Vim whose installation procedures only are documented for Unix systems!

Oh well… I’ll get myself some Debian VM to run Vim and Leininger… Maybe I can find a way to connect SuperCollider via its IP address or whatsoever. ON TODO LIST.