Note for self :

I began coding in Gibber, which is a nice little JavaScript browser environment designed for both video and music live coding.

The key binding Ctrl+., supposed to trigger a Gibber.clear(), did not work.

So I asked on Toplap Lurk and got the answer.

I’ve heard that Ctrl+. doesn’t work on some non-US keyboards…┬áThere’s two different keybinding systems, as one controls what happens when you’re mouse is inside a code editor and one controls what happens if you’ve clicked outside of it (like on of the top menu buttons for example)

Gibber.Environment.Mousetrap.bind('ctrl+i', ()=> Gibber.clear() ) // out of editor
Gibber.Environment.CodeMirror.keyMap.gibber['Ctrl-I'] = ()=> Gibber.clear() // in editor

With these two simple instructions, I am now able to remap my Gibber.clear() to other key-bindings.