Artistic, musical and programming experiments

What is qantuum

qantuum is an original trademark distributed under a creative common license : commercial use allowed with the condition of using the same license.

qantuum is a concept. qantuum does music, programming, but also Photography.

Behind this concept is a young immature French man, full of ideals, trapped in a 9-5 job that he works for a right to get his own apartment. All his free time goes into learning technique and expressing his universe.

Notable experiences :

  • Choir singing (~50 members)
  • DAW basic manipulation : LMMS, Fruity Loops
  • Live Coding : SuperCollider (bases), FoxDot
  • Music Theory : bases, high interest in xenharmonic music – is this a paradox over here
  • Programming career : web development bootcamp, software development bachelor, web development industry (NodeJS, Apache PHP, VueJS, Nuxt)
  • Flavour career : flavour design, protein mix design

Here lies an universe of poetry and wonders, yet we humans prefer the simplicity of earning calories and giving our all in careers without making any sense of’em. I made a promise to myself : even in the most boring and highly-paid job, stay true to my inner world.

I hope your visit here will light a sparkle of curiosity. Thanks for coming.